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121,14 EUR*
Details Poverty and Development in China: Alternative Approaches to Poverty Assessment (Routledge Contemporary China)

Poverty and Development in China China has made huge economic strides in recent decades but poverty is still a major issue on the agenda for rural China. Poverty and Development in China analyses how poverty is recognized and measured and how people ...

31,44 EUR*
Details Why Poverty Persists: Poverty Dynamics in Asia and Africa

Why Poverty Persists This edited book analyses what traps people in chronic poverty, and what allows them to escape from it, using long-term panel surveys from six Asian and African countries. Full description

74,99 EUR*
Details Poverty and Power

Poverty and Power Poverty and Power suggests that today's poverty results from deep-rooted disparities in income, wealth, and power. The rate and severity of poverty remain high, because millions of Americans are trapped in low-wage jobs, inadequately ...

71,99 EUR*
Details War on Poverty: A New Grassroots History, 1964-1980

The War on Poverty Lyndon Johnson's War on Poverty has long been portrayed as the most potent symbol of all that is wrong with big government. Conservatives deride the War on Poverty for corruption and the creation of "poverty pimps," and even ...

121,82 EUR*
Details Many Dimensions of Poverty

Many Dimensions of Poverty With representatives from different disciplines stressing the central importance of freedom in analyzing poverty and emphasizing some important policy issues, this book offers a view of poverty that will orient research in ...

27,50 EUR*
Details Perspectives on Growth and Poverty

Perspectives on Growth and Poverty The relationship between growth and poverty lies at the heart of development economics. The essays in this book deal with institutional and policy questions concerning growth and poverty, as well as sectoral issues ...

96,29 EUR*
Details Measuring Global Poverty: Toward a Pro-Poor Approach

Measuring Global Poverty The author examines the moral, methodological, and practical problems that arise from poverty measurement. He establishes a methodological framework for analyzing poverty conceptions and measures, and concludes with concrete ...

8,99 EUR*
Details Ending Poverty: A 20/20 Vision: A Guide for Individuals and Congregations (Lutheran Voices)

Ending Poverty Provides strategies and insights for responding to poverty. This title presents a collection of stories from four different settings that help: define poverty, recognise communities of poverty, explore the hidden culture of class, take ...

106,99 EUR*
Details Poverty Reduction and Changing Policy Regimes in Botswana (Developmental Pathways to Poverty Reduction)

Poverty Reduction and Changing Policy Regimes in Botswana An examination of how Botswana overcame the legacies of exceptional resource deficiency and colonial neglect, to transform itself from one of the poorest nations of the world to a middle income ...

32,49 EUR*
Details Poor Poverty (The United Nations Series on Development)

Poor Poverty This book, co-published with the UN's Dept of Economic and Social Affairs, offers a critical appraisal of the conventional measures and analysis of poverty as well as of poverty reduction policies. Full description

34,43 EUR*
Details Poverty, Ethics and Justice (Political Philosophy Now)

Poverty, Ethics and Justice This book gives an in depth moral analysis and evaluation of the complex manifestations of poverty and then offers a series of ethical reasons to motivate everyone to engage in the struggle to eradicate poverty everywhere ...

28,10 EUR*
Details Urban Poverty in Africa: From Understanding to Alleviation

Urban Poverty in Africa This book looks at the urban poverty debate and brings together contributions from academics, practitioners and urban poverty specialists to represent a multi-disciplinary approach to the debate, highlighting the need to link ...

33,99 EUR*
Details Poverty, Inequality and Health in Britain: 1800-2000: A Reader (Studies in Poverty, Inequality and Social Exclusion)

Poverty, Inequality and Health in Britain 1800-2000 This text presents extracts from classic texts together in one volume. Each extract is accompanied by information about the author, and an introduction by the editors draws together themes of change ...

32,99 EUR*
Details Empowerment and Poverty Reduction: A Sourcebook (Directions in Development - Human Development)

Empowerment and Poverty Reduction 'Empowerment and Poverty Reduction: A Sourcebook' is an outcome of 'World Development Report 2000/2001: Attacking Poverty', which highlighted opportunity, empowerment, and security as key elements in the creation and ...

131,70 EUR*
Details Building Bridges from High Poverty Communities, to Schools, to Productive Citizenship: A Holistic Approach to Addressing Poverty through Exceptional Educational Leadership (Education Management)

More than 20% of all children in the United States live in poverty. This is particularly troubling given the associated risks of poverty to children's social, emotional, and behavioral well-being; risks that have the potential to negatively impact ...

31,75 EUR*
Details Poverty Traps

Much popular belief - and public policy - rests on the idea that those born into poverty have it in their power to escape. But the persistence of poverty and ever-growing economic inequality around the world have led many economists to seriously ...